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First advisory board meeting

What a kick-off! Today, 18.04.2023, the first advisory board meeting in our project “Toolbox Datenkompetenz” took place! The aim of this meeting was to give the participants an overview of the project and to present the current state of research as well as the development of the platform so far.

A special moment was the introduction of the advisory board members. It was great to see how committed and motivated each member is in relation to the topic of data literacy. It was also a great opportunity to hear what experience and skills each person brings and how the project can benefit from them.

Another important point of the meeting was the Q&A, where the TBDK team was able to address any questions the new advisory board had. The members of the advisory board contributed many valuable ideas and suggestions here, which will be implemented in the coming weeks and months.

Afterwards, the next steps in terms of cooperation with the advisory board and opportunities for networking were discussed. Plans for future meetings and joint work on further aspects of the project were discussed.

The first advisory board meeting represents an important milestone in the project’s progress. The TBDK team is proud to work with such an experienced and competent advisory board and is confident that with this valued support the project will be a complete success. We are grateful for the input and look forward to a successful collaboration in the coming months