The Data Literacy Platform

The Data Literacy Toolbox is a digital toolbox of continuing education content and tools that enable all people to work practically with data.

Our Data Literacy platform can now be tested in the beta version! Visit beta.toolboxdatenkompetenz.de and get started right away.

Dealing with large amounts of data requires not only basic data competence but also the practical use of modern technologies.

The research project “Toolbox Datenkompetenz” (toolbox Data Literacy) is developing a tool and further education platform that brings together digital learning content and online-based data tools to create a practice-oriented learning offer.

The platform can be used independently by business, science, politics and all people to build or further develop basic data literacy skills.

The toolbox is implemented as an open, digital toolbox that enables every learner to use data tools for their own learning, project or research scenarios.

With the goal of primarily advancing the nationwide development of data literacy skills, the project contributes to carrying the Federal Government’s data strategy and digitisation project across the breadth of society.

Our goals:

Development of an innovative tool and further education platform that is free of charge, online and flexible to use.

Compilation of an application-oriented learning offer with interactive practical tasks for trying out, experimenting and deepening the knowledge

Networking of companies and establishment of expert committees to promote the topic.

Find out more about the project on this page and if you have any questions, please contact us at info@toolboxdatenkompetenz.de!

A funding measure to shape the digital education space of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Project duration: 15.12.2021-14.12.2024