Recap Offline Project Meeting

Most of our work on the Toolbox Data Literacy is done remotely. Not only because many of the people involved work from home, but also because StackFuel and InfAI have their offices in different cities (Berlin and Leipzig). Finally, the Toolbox Data Literacy itself will be a learning platform that will enable data literacy learning from anywhere.

Nevertheless: it is simply nice to meet from person to person every now and then. Therefore, the joy at StackFuel’s Berlin headquarters was particularly great to meet many familiar faces from Leipzig for once “in real”, at the extensive exchange between the research and development teams.

At the beginning of the meeting, the individual groups from research, development and science communication presented their project results to date. Afterwards, the goals for the coming period were discussed and set so that the team and the TBDK can start successfully into the new year 2023. Future milestones in the development of the platform, first publications and planned networking events were discussed.

The exchange was intensive, the discussion lively. In the end, we realised that we are already on a very good path and that the result will be great. In an illustrious round, there was still the pleasure of lunch together after work. The teams are already looking forward to the next meeting!